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Advice No. 1: Keep up with the news to know the shape of the teams

As well as checking the motivation of the teams, check the latest football news before making your prognosis. It is best to bet at the last minute. Injuries, suspensions and illnesses of selection players can have a big impact on the final result of a match. And don’t forget that this has an even greater impact on a team that has to miss one or more base players. So take a look at the results of the team with and without the missing player. This is already a good indication for the prediction of a match.

It is also important to take into account the form of the team as a whole. Differentiate between the form of the players at home, away and in general. Take care! A series of victories over very weak teams is not a sign of very good form. If Real Madrid win 6-0 against Espanyol in the Spanish Cup, but before that lost three times against Barcelona, Atlélico and Valencia, the balance remains shaky. Good to keep an eye on before you bet.

Advice no. 2: Analyse the specific capacities of the teams

betting tips

Finally, the fourth and final piece of advice from our football experts: take into account the specific qualities of each team when drawing up your forecast. Some teams are traditionally strong in home games, others play better in away games. Teams missing a player often struggle in matches, especially in the Europa League or Champions League.

The history of previous matches also gives an idea of the capabilities of a team in a match against another team or a team with a different style of play. Although this criterion is more important in individual sports where the opponent’s style of play more or less suits the player, it is something that should also be taken into account in team sports. History tends to repeat itself and some teams win more often against certain other teams. Some teams perform much better in these types of matches, others suddenly perform a lot less. Think about this before you bet on football and especially when you want to bet a large sum.

Why prefer the free football predictions of our experts?

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By strictly following the above advice, there is a good chance that you will increase your profits on the football predictions you place.Moreover, following the free predictions of our experts is simply convenient at a time when there is a lot of competition within the various leagues.

What extra help is there for better predictions?

Finally, a bonus to make betting on football even more enjoyable. SportyTrader has plenty of good tools to fine-tune your analysis of your favourite match. For example, we offer the football odds comparator with which you can quickly find the best odds for your bets.

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