20Bet is an all-rounder solution to all your betting needs

With more gambling and betting sites emerging, the needs and expectations of every online gambler have also increased. They want more variety in not just the genres, betting styles, and risk levels but also the type of things they can bet on. 

Most platforms focus on offering either casino games or sports events. This forces many users to sign up and deposit their money on multiple platforms. 

20Bet has quickly gained popularity and set itself apart by offering both casino games and sports betting under one roof. Keep reading to learn more about the platform and how it offers a more encompassing betting experience.

A Modern Collection of Sports Events

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The platform offers more than 2000 sports events to bet on, including basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and many more. This allows users to bet on the specific types of sports they are familiar with. 

There are no geographic limitations either, as the platform allows betting on events worldwide. You can bet on the Swedish Open and the UEFA Championship simultaneously. 

Some popular sports events include UEFA Europa Conference League, European Championship, ATP Bastad, and NBA Summer League.

You can start betting with as little as $10 and lower risk exposure by diversifying. The platform has hundreds of active events, ensuring a wider variety for those interested in live betting. 

You can also diversify by betting on different types of sports and championships. Some popular sports include:


Football is the most popular sport for betting on the platform and is available in more than 800 events. It is also available for betting in events from many countries, including America, Canada, Brazil, Austria, and Sweden. You can also engage in betting styles with varying risk levels and the minimum betting amount. 

You can bet based on the match, totals (Over/under bets), Even/Odd, and Period Betting.


Tennis is the next most popular on the platform and allows a wide range of betting styles. You can win by betting on the specific winner or making other predictions related to the outcomes. 

A prominent feature of tennis and many other sports betting on the platform is the double chance and handicap markets. Double chance markets allow you to lower risk and increase winning odds by making two predictions simultaneously. 


Another popular sport on the platform, basketball, is available for betting in more than 600 events. Users love that they can make a bet based on their specific risk appetite due to the low minimum betting amount. 

Very high returns can be earned by betting on a specific score, the total number of goals, or the specific winner in the championship. 


If classical sports events don’t interest you, you can also bet on e-sports tournaments. The platform also actively searches for new and upcoming tournaments in the video game industry. 

You can bet on different e-sport events, including Overwatch, DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Counter Strikes. 

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