3 Genie Wishes

3 Genie Wishes Graphics, Sound, Animations

The graphical details of this game are well cared for, all characters have defined features and colours. The overall look of the interface is simple, well adorned with elements that tell the story of the game. I really like the use of colour in all situations of the game.

The sounds of 3 Genie Wishes make an impact on the player as soon as they enter the game. It’s a mix of drums and bells that echo in the environment and add a touch of intrigue to the whole thing. There is an atmosphere that works as a bass to all the sounds and gives a balance to the whole game. All buttons as well as prizes and rewards have a particular sound. 

It is worth noting the animation of the game when we get the three scatters, the three lamps. The genie comes out unexpectedly from his hiding place, all this in a very well done animation, to present us with the bonus possibilities we can choose from.   

Game Mechanics

3 Genie Wishes slot

The main condition of this game is that the paylines are unchangeable. These amount to 50 lines, a considerable amount to win prizes. We can choose to play the game automatically for certain rounds, or play each round by pressing the button on the screen or by pressing enter or space on the keyboard.

The biggest prize we can get out of the bonus is by getting 5 genies on all the reels on the screen. When you activate the special bonus of the game you have to choose between three prizes offered by the game. If this is the case you enter the special bonus mode of 3 Genie Wishes.

Bonuses, Wilds and Free Bets

The special bonus in this game is triggered by the three scatter lamps, which appear in positions 1, 3 and 5 on the reels. When the bonus is triggered we see the genie emerge from the lamp in spectacular fashion, while offering a reward of three different chests. 

These chests can earn cash rewards, free play bonuses and free games with two different modes: Raining Wilds or Sticky Wilds. The Raining Wilds trigger 10 free games, each round will feature wild symbols and reset on the next free round. Sticky Wilds are six free game rounds with wild symbols remaining on the screen during all spins of the bonus games.

In these two free game modes there is a new interface, which does not show the normal wild game symbols, the genie, or the scatter, the lamp, so we cannot win any more free games within the bonus.    

Bet Type and RTP

3 Genie Wishes game

We have two possibilities to modify our bets in this game. By changing the number of coins wagered per line, usually 10 levels. Or by changing the value or denomination of the coin which can have 6 levels to choose from.   

The RTP, the theoretical return that is given to the player in this game is 96.53%. This means that it is a game with a relatively low volatility, we will get several prizes in a few rounds of play, although they will not be so juicy prizes.   

How to Play

Playing 3 Genie Wishes is very simple. In this game we have several buttons that indicate the main menu (where we can modify relevant aspects of the game), the sound and game information, at the bottom left of the screen.

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